FAT stands for "Friends of applied theology". We are christians not bound to any denomination who firmly belive that our responsibility in life is not to judge or push an agenda but rather to display love and excellence in everything we do. In game development, we value privacy and ban evil monetization practices as well as addictive patterns targeted to optimize revenue. We strive to make games which inspire and value humor higher than blood and gore. And finally, we pledge to forward 10% of proceeds to projects which support children in need, so you "waste your time and money for good"...

We're just starting out, the list is not very long yet. For now we're supporting a project we like, "Villa Wertvoll" in Magdeburg, Germany. They support local children in difficult circumstances by giving them the opportunity to develop their artistic skills in a professional environment.  They do a wide range from performing arts, dance, singing and music production to fine arts. They're doing a great job in showing the kids what they are capable of and giving them a new prospect on life.

For the future we would be happy if you recomend projects worth supporting. We will list them and maybe setup a voting system to let you guys decide. 

As a matter of fact we do. Of course we want to keep developing awesome games. But we really want to extend the inspirational part. 

FAT Games is located in a 300 year old mill just on the border between France and Germany. The place is awesome but needs some remodeling. We would love to have open workshops here where kids and teens can do projects and and develop their artistic abilities from physical objects up to game development. The regular meetings we had started have been stalled by the virus for now, but we will keep you updated on this.